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Are you wondering which opener is more suitable for your door? Find answers to most garage door questions here

Is the noise my garage door is making coming from the rollers?

Yes, it is likely that the garage door bearings or perhaps the rollers are making noises when your garage door is opening or closing. It could also come from the garage door hinge, so make sure that all these parts are sufficiently lubricated.

When is the best time to replace my garage door?

It is more practical to buy a new one than spend on frequent repairs. Garage Door Repair La Puente experts also recommend garage door replacement if you want to improve your home’s curb appeal or upgrade your garage door’s features.

Why are springs dangerous?

You need to understand that garage door springs hide a lot of tension and that's how they manage to lift the heavy door. When they're compressed, their tension is minimized. When they stretch, they're in their highest tension and so if they snap, they can seriously hurt somebody.

What are the three different types of garage door openers?

The three garage door openers that are used are the chain drive, belt drive and the screw drive. The chain drive is installed most often because of its durability and affordability. This is also the opener used most often in residential homes.

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