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Garage Door Openers
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Garage door openers may seem like simple mechanisms that have a simple task, but the truth is they are complex pieces of equipment. When openers fail, it can take a fairly long and detailed troubleshooting process to properly diagnose the exact part that is broken. Especially if the problem is a mechanical issue within the motor. Sometimes the source of malfunctions can be down to a single tiny piece or component that will cost very little to replace. If you’re opener design is particularly valuable, it can be hugely beneficial to have a thorough check carried out, before deciding to replace the entire device or swap it for a different model. Here are a couple examples of tiny parts that play a huge role in the system.Garage Door Openers

Gear Drives

If the motor within the opener to be working and you hear it making noise but the doors don't move, it is likely your gear drives are not operating properly. Like any gears, those within your garage door opener motor will wear over time. They can get to the point where they no longer catch, and so the motor runs without any motion taking place. The main drive gear is the most common to fail on most openers. This can be due to the fact that it handles the most work load. Drive gear replacement can be quite a complicated procedure that involves tricky motor disassembly.

Chain Tension

If you have a chain drive, the chain will need to be tightened to the correct degree. Different openers can commonly vary in the degree of tightness they require. If it's too tight, the chain will apply excessive amounts of pressure on the shaft and gears during every use. This will ultimately mean a faster rate of wear and tear in the long run. If the chain is not tight enough, it can skip off the sprockets and fall. In situations where the opener is held on the ceiling of the garage, this can be a health or damage hazard.

Expert garage door opener repair

Garage Door Repair La Puente provides professional repair, installation and maintenance services. Call us today for expert help with troubleshooting and servicing. We can ensure your garage door opener is functioning perfectly and all of its components are conditioned to last through years of smooth operation.

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