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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Reputed garage door company always available for any type of repair

Early morning torsion spring replacement

I start my days really early but this time I couldn't get the car out due to a garage door problem. I suspected the garage door spring but I couldn't be sure. I had to do something and called La Puente Garage Door Repair. I felt so relieved hearing somebody answering the phone and promising that someone will be at my home soon. The technicians were here about twenty minutes later and replaced the torsion spring with such ease. It was amazing! Professionals make things seem easy! It was an excellent and very quick garage door service and I appreciate the immediate response.

The best door opener specialists

I knew my garage door opener had to be replaced and but couldn't afford it right now. I was willing to pay more for constant garage door opener repairs than choosing a cheap opener now. Though, the opener kept breaking down and I thought of shifting to another contractor. Someone suggested Garage Door Repair La Puente and I can honestly say that the difference in terms of services among the companies is extraordinary. I will only tell you this: my opener was fixed and I never had any other problems. I guess these guys are more experienced and devoted to their profession and work.

All Praises for the Reliable Help

We have an electric garage door and we noticed that it kinds of get stuck every now and then when closing and opening it with the remote control. I’ve already tried replacing the batteries of the remote with new ones but the same thing happens. I’m not a garage door expert so instead of making the problem worse, I called Garage Door Repair Company in La Puente. The guys that went to our house were really good. We could tell by the way they worked on the garage door that they knew what they were doing. They were able to pin point the problem and fixed it immediately. Thanks to their expertise, we no longer experience having a stuck door. All praises to the fast and reliable help.

Fixed cable off the drum

I could see that the garage door cable was off the drum but I didn't want to interfere with such tasks and reported the problem to Garage Door Repair La Puente. One of the techs came over later that same day and fixed the problem at once. He made sure the cable was properly placed back in its original position and checked the overhead door springs along with the movement of the door. He was very thorough and I really liked that. Plus, I liked that he came over so quickly. A friendly and professional service indeed!

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